The DéWarrior Governance Board prides itself on its pragmatic and creative approach in supporting the development of sustainable companies in emerging industries. Our methodologies and practices are born out of pedigreed institutional experience in Healthcare, Management Consulting & Investment Banking, coalescing into DéWarrior’s sector-leading executive team.

As a knowledge-based service provider dealing with complex organisational and market challenges, we employ traceable four-eye review principles, as well as quantitative validation for the integrity of our results. Keeping our team nimble from our founding in 2018 and systematically emphasising client delivery over communications has defined our value and culture. DéWarrior is recognizable by its commitment to client outcomes and fiduciary responsibility in strategic advice. We ensure our culture and ethos are visible in every assignment by guaranteeing that two out of three founding partners are leading your project from start to finish.

Over-delivery by design, and ensuring all scopes of work and subsequent mathematical models and reports are produced to Board level accountability is the cornerstone of our quality control philosophy. DéWarrior’s data-driven approach to issue mapping, innovative surveying techniques, and advanced modeling of outcomes, lends itself to client excellence in the market, designed to produce long-lasting, self-reflective tools. Self-assessment and critical self improvement are foundational to our longevity and adaptive capabilities.

While trust can only be measured experientially, we firmly believe our loyal clients, spanning multiple continents and valued over 25 billion euros as of 2024, are a testament to the consistency of service and governance controls that allow for the continued growth of our brand and the ecosystem of companies we help expand.

We thank you for your interest in DéWarrior and look forward to exploring ways our company can play a part in your growth story.

Yours Faithfully, The DéWarrior Governance Board

Leonid Kotlyar

Polina Nosik Kotlyar

Spyro Michalopolous