ESG Services

ESG: Integrate Non-Financial KPIs in your Operational, ROI & Risk-Management strategies.

Where to start?

Analysing your operations with the incorporation of Non-Financial KPIs can be as daunting as it is valuable. DéWarrior strongly believes that sustainability begins on the financial level. Our goal is to integrate non-Financial KPIs that enhance the performance of a company and creates self-improvement & accountability mechanisms as evaluated by external standards. But where to start?

  • Data mapping & operational profile: Data GAP analysis in relation to key operational units, financial & supply chain implications.
  • Impact map, materiality & risk profile: Conduct specific materiality research, surveying and analysis along with transition and physical risk profiles associated with specific operational units.
  • Responsibility and implementation structure: Identify structural and governance frameworks that pose a a critical risk to the integrity of future implementation and accountability mechanisms. Quantify gaps in required internal expertise.

Creating a Roadmap: Expertise, Targets & Budegets.

Enhacement of analysis with Life Cycle Analyses on selected products / processes. Integration of all data points into a Company Roadmap that includes: Budgets needed for changes and adjustments, timeline of implementation, ROI strategy & impact reduction targets.

Implementation: Monitoring & Stakeholder Communication.

Implementation project management & interdepartmental alignment. KPI / ROI tracking and visualisation for C-level & board communication.

For early-stage companies:

Early-stage companies in emerging industries face acute funding, regulatory and market-access challenges that can often be all-consuming. However, they also have the advantage of being at the foundational stage. Lay good foundations and you will reap the structural benefits soon enough. We help early-stage companies avoid costly mistakes and set-up with sound data foundations that carry the potential for continued self-improvement.

For larger or public companies:

Support and course correction in relation to external compliance, alignment of operations and ESG / CSR / PR departments and strategies. Risk management & mitigation in relation to emerging industries & their specific compliance requirements. Integration of new business units within global corporate responsibility strategy.

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